Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Error Code 3120 Fix Resolve Support ☎ 1844-551-9757

Error Code 3120 Fix Resolve Support ☎ 1844-551-9757
Error Code 3120 Fix Resolve Support ☎ 1844-551-9757

Welcome to my blog! I am here with another article describing one of the most common problems faced by users – QuickBooks Error code 3120. Are you also suffering with the same problem? You should not worry more. As our QuickBooks Error Support team is always with you to fix al the error codes and warning messages for you. You can call at QuickBooks support phone number+1-844-551-9757 to get professional help from our expert.
As we all know, Error Code: 3120 occurs when the Account Mapping in QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop is not set up properly.

Here's how to fix the error:
1. From Point of Sale, choose File > Preferences > Workstation.
2. Select the Accounts preference.
3. Ensure that on the Basic and advanced tabs, the account types selected for the mappings are correct.
Note: An account name in brackets ([ ]) indicates that no account has been chosen.
4. Update these accounts as needed and click save. You can check the default mappings for QuickBooks Desktop in the financial exchange overview.
5. Perform the financial exchange with QuickBooks Desktop.
Windows Errors
A Windows error is an issue that happens when a sudden condition happens or when a coveted operation has fizzled. When you have an error in Windows, it might be basic and cause your projects to stop and crash or it might be apparently safe yet irritating.
Blue Screen Issue
A stop error screen or bug check screen, usually called a blue screen of death, is brought on by a deadly system issue and is the error screen showed by the Microsoft Windows group of working systems after experiencing a basic issue, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to “crash”.
Infection Damage
Once your PC has been tainted with an infection, it’s no longer the same. Subsequent to evacuating it with your hostile to infection programming, you’re frequently left with waiting symptoms. In fact, your PC may never again be contaminated, yet that doesn’t mean it’s sans error. Indeed, even essentially expelling an infection can really hurt your system.

Further any query you can call our QuickBooks Payroll Support Number 1-844-551-9757

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